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Participate remotely .... enjoy globally


Portal for organizers and participants of remote events


Changing times pose new challenges for us, including in the field of sport. Probably no one knows whether we can continue the old way anymore.


However, it is certainly not possible to give up exercise, health sports, testing your abilities and enjoying it together. Now not in direct competition and shoulder to shoulder, but in a new way, through distance participation.


The GoAndRun.eu portal creates an easy opportunity for the organizer to create remote participation events, consider their participation and collect the results / performances of the participants.


In addition, various challenges and exercise programs can be created in the future, without organizing a real event, but giving everyone, regardless of their location and time, motivation for a healthy lifestyle and movement in the wild.


The remote portal opens up new opportunities and channels to introduce your events to many organizers as well as to friends of physical activity around the world. It is easy for participants to upload files saved from their activities to the portal and thus be involved in any movement, challenge and competition remotely.


Let's .... goandrun!