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Conditions of use

Use of the GoAndRun.eu website (www.goandrun.eu) is subject to these Terms and Conditions
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Given that GoAndRun.eu may change the Terms and Conditions, we recommend that you read these regularly. If you do not agree to the terms of use, please refrain from using the GoAndRun.eu website.

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Press releases, content and printable logos may be freely used for journalistic purposes with reference to the source.

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Signs and trademarks
"GoAndRun", the GoAndRun logo and the names and logos of GoAndRun.eu products and services are protected marks and trademarks of GoAndRun.eu or its affiliates.

Exclusion of liability
The service of the GoAndRun.eu website is provided without obligation and on an "as is" basis. GoAndRun.eu does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the information referenced on the website. GoAndRun.eu does not guarantee that the website will work without interruption and free of errors or viruses.
GoAndRun.eu is not responsible for the availability of the pages.
GoAndRun.eu reserves all rights to make changes to the pages.

The GoAndRun.eu website may contain links to pages owned or operated by third parties. By accessing such a page via a link, you agree to review and accept the possible terms of use of the page before using the respective page. GoAndRun.eu has no control over the content of third party pages accessed through the website that GoAndRun.eu has not created or published and GoAndRun.eu is not responsible for the content of these pages. GoAndRun.eu is not liable for any direct or indirect property or non-property damage resulting from the use of these pages and the material published on the pages. GoAndRun.eu is not liable for any direct or indirect property or non-property damage resulting from the use of the service on its website or the interruption of the service. GoAndRun.eu's liability is limited to the maximum amount provided by the law of the Republic of Estonia.

Submission of material to GoAndRun.eu
By submitting the material to any GoAndRun.eu server, for example by e-mail or via the website, the user agrees and confirms that he has the right to transmit the material to GoAndRun.eu for free use without any compensation to the user or a third party that the material is not illegal, contrary to good faith. and that the user has taken reasonable precautions to detect and remove viruses and other harmful elements from the material prior to delivery.

GoAndRun.eu is not responsible for the content of material submitted by users of its website. GoAndRun.eu has the right, at its own discretion, to remove material submitted by users from the website at any time.

Privacy protection
GoAndRun.eu processes data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and any other legislation of the Republic of Estonia regulating the protection of personal data. Personal data of visitors to the GoAndRun.eu website is not collected without their consent to GoAndRun.eu, for example in connection with the transmission of feedback. The conditions for the processing of personal data are described and made available on the GoAndRun.eu website.

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Technical information
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