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Portal for remote/virtual event organizers


The GoAndRun.eu portal creates an opportunity for the organizer to organize remote events, manage participants and the results saved by registered participants:

  • creation and administration of events - creation of organizer accounts, statistics on participation in events, administration and billing, etc.
  • it is possible to create remote/virtual participation events in addition to the actual events, which offer participants more flexible options for participating in sports events
  • uploading participants from its database in .xls and .csv format or using the sportos.eu environment to register participants
  • the results of the participants are calculated by loading the data files saved by the participant, the files can be downloaded by the participants registered for the event themselves, the organizer saves his / her working time, which would take time to process them
  • adding and administering distances
    • name of the distance - eg 10 km run
    • time period the distance is active - determines the possible start and end time of the downloaded data
    • time of adding participation data - during or after the end of the competition for a certain period of time you can add files that correspond to the parameters for calculating the results of the given distance
    • distance length in kilometers - the minimum distance to be taken into account, the file may have a longer distance, as a result the distance from 1 m to the distance will be taken into account.
    • when entering the result manually, the distance is fixed by the length of the distance specified by the organizer
  • taking into account the results of the distance according to the wishes of the organizer
    • ranking by time - better time at a specified distance above
    • ranking based on distance covered - the shortest distance of the specified distance is ahead (eg the April challenge to cover 100 km at the time of the month, who gets 100 km completed earlier, ie the better time is ahead)
    • distances of time duration - eg 6 hours, the participant can cover the distance in 6 consecutive hours or download different files (1x each file) that meet the conditions given by the organizer - start and end time, uploading time, etc.
    • it is possible to disclose the distances actually covered by the participants according to the downloaded participants' files, participation is not limited due to location, time or any other reason
    • participants can disclose their results or maintain privacy, the results will appear in the minutes anonymously
    • it is possible for participants to generate electronic diplomas at the end of the event
  • participants can upload
    • data files exported by all common sports watches and web applications in .fit, .gpx, .tcx or .pwx format
    • also enter your results manually and, if necessary, add a link to the performance recording

Let's ... goandrun!