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The GoAndRun.eu portal has been created to give the organizers and participants the opportunity to organize/participate in various sporting events around the world remotely without leaving their home.

Participation in events with remote/virtual participation is becoming more and more popular, but at the same time the participants want the published results to be as adequate and reliable as possible. The GoAndRun.eu portal ensures that the results comply with the 'fair play' rules by giving the participant the opportunity to upload their results stored with a sports watch or other application to the GoAndRun.eu portal.


  • opportunity to participate in any competition/challenge created by sports enthusiasts, charity actions and at the same time do it environmentally friendly and sustainable way ... at your homeground

  • an opportunity to compare your achievements with other sports enthusiasts from all over the world, thereby making new friends, encouraging yourself and others to continue your hobby

  • participation in remote events makes virtually all sporting events accessible to all and provides an opportunity to participate even if unforeseen circumstances make it otherwise impossible


Let's ... goandrun!