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Result upload

To upload the results into goandrun.eu, you must have a user account in the goandrun.eu environment and be registered for this competition

Registration usually takes place on the organizer's website and the organizer also ensures that all participants are uploaded to the goandrun.eu environment. If you can't find your name among the participants, either contact the organizer or write to info@goandrun.eu.

You need to have a user account to load the results!

  1. Creating a user account
    • To do this, log in to My goandrun
    • If you are goandrun.eu for the first time, you need to create a user account by entering your details.
    • To do this, go to Participant and Join GoAndRun
    • Fill in the necessary information for joining and if you have agreed to the terms of use, click Register as a user ... NB! if you want to remain anonymous, be sure to use the 'nickname' option.
    • In the right corner you will see the name of your account ... eg Mati Mets or a 'nickname'
    • On the left, a menu will open with the sections My GoAndRun ... showing which races you have already registered for .... My events ... My results ... My data shows the given data on different pages.
    • In the My data menu you can change your data ... add / change Club, Company, etc. data, as well as name when getting married, etc. Data marked with an asterisk is required
  2. Uploading results
    • ​​The My GoAndRun menu shows all remote competitions you have registered for
    • To the right is the Add Result menu, clicking on it takes you to the Add Result environment
    • The My Events and Distances menu shows the list of races you have registered for
    • The type indicates the way you want to enter your result .... either in File format or Manually
    • File format open the Choose File window, click there and search your computer for a previously saved file you want to upload
    • Suitable file formats are .fit, .gpx, .pwr, tcx. All common sports watch / application manufacturers provide the ability to download files in at least one of the above formats. If the file meets all the parameters of the competition (start time, end time, distance to be taken into account) but the file cannot be downloaded, please contact info@goandrun.eu
    • NB! sports watches / web applications must have the AUTOPAUSE function switched off ... if you stop for 3-5 seconds for some reason, the sportwatch will stop counting the time of the competition, in normal competition conditions the time will not stop if the participant stops in the distance for some reason
    • NB! always check first that the sports watch / device battery is sufficiently charged
    • NB! you can upload result files to one competition several times during the time (due to a better result, etc.), when loading a new file, the result will be overwritten
    • To enter the result manually, press Manual
    • Enter Start time, Distance traveled (equal to the distance of the race distance), Result, Web address of the result (enter the link you get from your sports watch / application here, Picture of the result ... take a picture of your result so that the entered data can be checked if necessary
    • Instructions for downloading the data files from most common sports watches / web applications:
    • Garmin   Polar   Suunto android   Suunto iOS   Endomondo   Strava   Fitbit   Apple watch


If you are using a device/application that fails to download these file formats or the files are in some other format, let us know and we will find a solution together.


Let's .... goandrun!